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Sundarban International Film Festival

Sundarban International Film Festival.

Sundarban International Film Festival is an ISO certified film festival and an award listing qualifier of IMDb.

Sundarban International Film Festival is a month-long live screening film festival with a yearly live screening mega event happening in Sundarban at the heart of the river. The live month end screening take place at Sundarban (one of the prestigious film venues of India).


The main aim of Sundarban International Film Festival is to develop a culture that aspires and inspires people interest in the art of film making to come together and take part in cross-cultural innovations that rejuvenates and enrich people live with infotainment as well as entertain and educate them along.

Our aim is to connect more no of people to art-house cinema. We promote films which are aesthetically pleasing and have a philosophical point of view not just made for entertainment purpose only. We believe that a genuinely expressed story have the power to simulate new thoughts, instil new values of humanism and compassion and expand one’s creative horizon which can ultimately lead to social change. XYZ is working towards the discovery and development of contemporary artists and audiences. We want to provide the new age Indie film and theatre artist a platform to showcase and promote their talent infront the world audiences. Established Art-house filmmakers, who have majorly contributed in the film sector are also cordially welcomed.

The event will be organised at Sundarbans, a UNESCO world heritage site known for its largest population of (mangrove) Sundari trees and its wide range of fauna like the Royal Bengal Tiger and many more along with these, Sundarbans is home to an age-old folk culture which dates 100 years back. We are proud to announce that we are the first organisation to organise such an event in the Sundarbans, which we believe will act as a bridge between the world film culture and ancient folk culture of Sundarbans. Sundarbans has always attracted tourists and filmmakers, but with this programme we want to create an event which will help us know more about their ancient folk culture, ultimately leading to a cross cultural innovation which benefits the participants, organisers along with the people of Sundarbans.

Sundarban International Film Festival is the only International Film Festival which is spreading environmental awareness across the globe and working for independent films simultaneously.

As Good as New


Our Vision


Our vision is to promote independent films & filmmakers & simultaneously work for the green to make our planet better.


If you’re a photographer, you may submit your Photography & Videography in various categories which are dedicated to Photographers & Videographers.

Why is black and white making a come back today?Much of our modern history is captured in black and white. Before color photography became cheap and of high quality, we recorded great moments in politics, art, science and sport in monochrome form.


Film Distribution


Independent filmmakers are making very good films. Most of them are winning awards in International Film Festivals. But, the biggest problem independent filmmakers are facing is ‘Film Distribution’. Lots of film companies & OTT platforms are there. But these platforms works only for commercial films. SIFF is working on its own distribution platform, which will help Independent Filmmakers to show their films to global audience and earn from their film.

Do you want to Distribute your film?

What Other Filmmakers are Saying About SIFF

Beverly Mattingdale

I don’t leave the house without my stylish camera. Thank you for your advice and assistance.”

Jefferson Thorpe

“Ordering and delivery was simple. I was impressed by the features and image quality of my vintage.

Calvin Tristan

“Utterly impressive—nothing more needs to be said about these folks.”

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One thought on “Sundarban International Film Festival

  1. Hi Team,
    We are honored to receive the award that has been awarded to our film Visithiran. As part of the team behind Visithiran, we would like to thank the team behind the Sunderban International Film Festival.
    We feel grateful to have been part of the festival.
    Please send the Award-winning certificate.
    Thank you.


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